saskiahara asked:
My 2nd Best friend is friends with my ex. I still have feelings for him... now i feel really depressed becauser I ALSO GOT DUMPED, AND IM JUST SAD....

I’m sorry for you. Maybe you should distance yourself from him so you can get over it? You know - friendship is more important than relationships. So try to be happy for you best friend and go out and make some friends with other boys. Someone’s waiting for you, only you. xx 

Anonym asked:
i feel so fuckig ugly, i have no grunge style at all but thats what I dream of.

You don’t need grunge style to say you’re beautiful. I’m so convinced that you are beautiful the way you are. Everyone is beautiful, okay? Just remember that. Accept yourself the way you are, honey. You’re perfect.

aaah why tumblr does tumblr not do it vertical? *cry*
"How often are you drowned in tears?"
Anonym asked:
How do you deal with a broken heart???

Nobody breaks my heart so I don’t know how I would deal with it. Maybe just get over it and try to focus on something that makes me happy?!

One of the best musicans in the world! Happy birthday, Mick! ♥♥♥
coleeenandreaaa23 asked:
Hi! You really have a nice blog there :) and I love it. Keep on posting pics and stay awesome! :)

thank you x