"Do old scars ever stop hurting?"
Stephen King, The Shining   (via unlively)


First at all I’m so very happy about the feeling to know that people are here for me. Not just here on tumblr, but in real life. This is one of the best feelings in the world.
But, what made me smile today was the sun. That sounds weird, but in the holidays I’m one of the girls who stays inside her dark room all day. But I went outside and enjoyed the sun. The weather is so beautiful and I love how the kids are playing and laughing and I just feel how I get better with everyday. I still don’t know how, but I just changed my thoughts. That wasn’t easy, but I made it! And I love all the beautiful flowers and how the sun shines between the leaves of the trees.
Okay, that was it for today. Idk who reads this but haha thanks for attention :’D so here are some photos I made while I was outside:



Anonym asked:
Part2continued... and even been admitted. I just wont my life back and the older I get the worse I get :( You would think I could be happy for my 3 kids but i just feel like a failure all the time cant even hold a relationship more then 5yrs... My mind is a constant battle. I wanna give in but if I do my kids have no real support out there. I am so alone in this world raising kids who to will be alone and thats sad... Im so happy for you and your amazing for what u do :)

I’m so sorry for you. I hope one day you will see the beauty in life and find someone who stays with you until you’re old. I’m here for you if no one else is, okay? xxxx

Anonym asked:
It was what i was asking for in regards to why you reach out to others... You must just be one the lucky ones... Mines a 15yr battle from what I can remember as to when it started so maybe longer in which i wasn't aware of from that time.. Its funny you know all I want is for all this pain to go away, nobody understands me or knows what i fight with every day. Its got so much control over my life.. On and off meds over and over and Ive seen both councillors and psychologists. 2bcontinued


Anonym asked:
What made u want to reach out to others the way u do

First I used tumblr only for posting stuff about how I feel.. I got more followers and many questions about advices etc. and I just tried to help.. When people said it helped them, I was feeling good. And I’m getting better because I’ve been to mental hospital etc. and now I just want everyone to know that there’s hope because there is. And everyone deserves happiness and everyone can be happy again if they just fight.. I hope that was what you asked for haha

smilesrlies asked:
Im so lost in this world that ur clips make me cry

I’m sorry, but I promise you there’s hope for you too. There’s hope for everyone. You just need to find it. Stay strong x

Anonym asked:
Why do u do what u do? Like what made u do it

what made me do what?

Take 25 seconds of your life to watch my video. Just¬†25 seconds. You won’t regret it. I just have to tell you a secret…

Anonym asked:
I think you're amazing!

Thank you! xx

Made a video, once again.