Break a vase every time you cry, and some years later your house will be filled with broken pieces ready to hurt the one who’ll hurt you.

She bit her lip, trying to hold her tears in.

Last night

  • Me: C? If I have the right to live, why did my mum not? And why do I not have the right to have a mum (who is alive)? I know that's life but it must have a meaning, doesn't it? Everything has its meaning... Don't worry, I won't hurt myself, I just tried to sleep and fell into the dark thoughts again... And I never get answers to all my questions. I hope you sleep well instead.
  • C: Good morning, sweetheart! I hope you slept well, even if you had these sad thoughts. And good that you write to me instead of hurting yourself!!!! Fine!!! Hmm, you're asking big questions that no one will ever can answer..... but I think there is no reason for anything. It's unfair random what happens! Your mum had a big right to live, and you needed her so badly - illness comes by accident! And a girl just like you needed a mother much more than normal girls, you're unique with (sometimes too many ;)) thoughts. Its a part of your story that you'll never will forget (and that you don't have to forget!!!). The largest goal for you is to live WITH your fate instead of fighting against it. One day it will be your strength to have learned to live with yourself in such a young age. And always remember: Life is for the living! That's what your mother would say, too. Keep up the good job! Hugs and kisses!
  • Anonym asked:
    Hi :) I'm just a little lost because I think I'm in love with a girl who lives miles away from here. She's actually my best friend and we just talk on twitter. I don't even know if I have to tell her that I'm in love with her. I'm afraid it will break our friendship. And it would mean that I'm lesbian you know :/ What do you think I should do?

    It’s okay to be lesbian, lovely. And you know this girl better than I do, but I guess if you’re really good friends it would not break your friendship, but it could be a little complicated, you know? But maybe she will understand and it’ll be okay.
    Listen to your heart, that’s the best thing you can do xxx

    Anonym asked:
    I am 15 and I have a boyfriend he's so sweet he has blue eyes and freckled skin and he's soo white like a ghost which I love <3 but instead I am kind of mixed race and have black hair and brown eyes.. To be honest we talk about so many things and one time we talked about babies ... And I agree about having a baby when we get older because we believe we will still together by then... The thing is that my genes might be more powerful than his and he will look different as him and I'm kind of worr

    I’m happy that you have that beautiful relationship and that you two are so in love! but don’t worry, you will love your child even if it looks more like you. I mean hey, it’s your child , it grows inside of you for 9 months.

    Anonym asked:
    This guy I'm going out with found out that I cut. He said it wouldn't change anything and he understood, but now he's not talking to me anymore. I just don't get it and its making me worse than before. Thanks

    Try to talk to him, and if he still doesn’t talk to you, forget him. That sounds hard and it’s not that easy but it’s not worth wasting time on someone who doesn’t feel the same like you do

    Anonym asked:
    My boyfriend told me that if i had any more suicidal thoughts and he knew about them, he would seriously break up with me, but i seriously can't help it.. what should i do..?

    I guess he’s just desperate.. He doesn’t know how to help you and doesn’t want you to be sad, so he tries to threat you so you stop.. Try to explain him that it’s not that easy, I hope he’ll understand.
    Best wishes x

    darksideoflisa asked:
    Hey:) I just need sombodies opinion:/ I dated this guy for two months and I love him so much and I was devastated when he broke up with me! But a year later after crying almost every night we have become friends with benefits and I am so scared to lose him again he put my favourite song on that we used to listen too and I just really want advice am I being stupid? I just love him so much:(

    Sometimes it’s better to “just” let go, you know? It could be even harder to just “be friends” when you’re still in love, but follow your heart, only you can know best what’s right. xx

    Anonym asked:
    do you have any relationship advice that you could give??

    I guess the most important thing in a relationship is trust and love.
    But seriously, I’ve never been in a relationship, so I guess I’m not really good at giving relationship advices. 

    Anonym asked:
    I feel really sad all of the time I feel like I need attention+I just hate myself I feel like everyone hates me+I have very few friends I know people don't like me at school or whatever cause my friend has told me what they say when I'm not there I really feel that even with my boyfriend I'm sad and I don't know what to do Every night I get this sudden depressing time+I don't know y I hate myself and I just want to feel good again Sorry for laying this all on you I needed to get it out a little

    It’s okay, I read all the messages I get and I also answer every single of them, as far as I can.
    Well, listen. First at all you need to find out what makes you so sad. Is it just the thing in school? I mean, shit on them, they don’t know a thing about you.
    Then the other thing… You say you feel like you need attention. I hope you don’t want to get attention in a way with cutting or starving or something, this will ruin your life. I guess everyone needs a little attention just to feel like you’re worth something.. Everyone wants to feel love and some people need it more than others because of their low self-esteem.
    Talk to someone (maybe your boyfriend?), I know that someone will care about you and understand you.
    And when you have done this, message me again and I will tell you what to do next.
    Lots of love to you! xx